Top Travel Trends 2020’s-Ecolodges, ‘Microcations’


We’ve entered the new decade with a new mind-set – now it’s not so much about where you travel and how many Instagram posts you do while at it, but who you are while travelling and what impact you make. Here are 2020’s top travel trends that will hit it big in the new year.


Now it’s not at all that prestigious to get on a long-haul flight and travel to the other corner of the world. Yes, beginner travellers still like to go as far as possible, but more experienced ladies and gents are rediscovering their surroundings as they go on micronations. Travelling to nearby destinations can be just as exciting!


The greener the hotel, the better! Experts reveal that more and more travellers explore properties with a focus on sustainability, proper use of natural resources, and honest recycling. A great example is Islas Secas, Panama’s eco-resort that is powered via solar energy only.

Single-use plastics are going away

This will significantly reduce plastic waste during a trip! More and more companies, hotels, resorts come up with ways to go plastic-free. Using self-filtering water bottles is yet another way to reduce plastic waste while travelling.

Women-only tourism

It seems more and more women are going travelling and if solo travellers have always been out there somewhere exploring the Great Beyond, now the not-so-new trend is going. But not only that! Travel companies reveal that women are highly interested in engaging.

Reconnecting with nature

If we put together all things of the above, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a new global travelling trend focuses on reconnecting with nature. Special transformative tours take travellers out in the wild, to the forests, rivers. There are even resort chains that specialize in wellness only!

Carbon offsetting

The entire travel industry is on fire with the whole carbon offsetting trend. Basically it’s an attempt to balance out gas emissions and pollution that happens during trips due to flights and whatnot.

10 Foods That Burn Calories-10 Foods That Burn Calories

Peanut butter-10 Foods That Burn Calories-10 Foods That Burn Calories

Sometimes, a sweaty gym session isn’t enough to reach your fat-burning goals. Here are foods that work to burn calories after you consume them or help you feel fuller longer.10 Foods That Burn Calories-10 Foods That Burn Calories

1. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese-10 Foods That Burn Calories

Cottage cheese – This food is particularly good to eat before bed. When you don’t get enough sleep at night, you’re more likely to overeat calories during the day. Cottage cheek is rich in casein, a slow-releasing protein that also promotes sleep.

2. Peanut butter

 Peanut butter

Peanut butter – Although you need to watch the serving size, peanut butter contains many cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fats. It also contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that reduces appetite and leads to fat burning.

3. Garlic


Garlic – This flavor powerhouse doesn’t just make your dishes more vibrant – it fights fat due to allicin, the same compound that makes garlic smell and taste so pungent.

4. Olive oil

Olive oil

Olive oil – Yes, olive oil contains fat, but it’s a healthy fat that decreases fat-storing inflammation levels. If you invest in extra virgin olive oil, you’re benefiting from oleocanthal, which reduces inflammation as Ibuprofen does.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal-10 Foods That Burn Calories

Oatmeal – People who eat oatmeal have 10% less belly fat than those who eat the same from processed carbs, according to studies. High fiber levels and a slow-burn property keeps you full for longer. Just don’t overdo it on the maple syrup.

6. White tea

White tea

White tea – If you’re looking to melt off those love handles, white tea is a triple treat 0 it promotes fat breakdown while blocking the formation of fat cells. Coffee replacement, hello!

7. Sweet potato

Sweet potato

Sweet potato – Another fantastic slow-carb, sweet potatoes also include carotenoids, which stabilize blood sugar and lower insulin resistance, helping your body convert calories to energy instead of fat. High vitamin content also means a better workout.

8. Berrie

Berrie-10 Foods That Burn Calories

Berries – High amounts of polyphenol antioxidants burn fat and prevent its formation. Blueberries especially contain resveratrol, which decreases the risk of obesity. Its naturally sweet essence also makes for a great way to control sweets cravings.

9. Quinoa


Quinoa – A fluffy addition to a salad or a replacement for couscous, quinoa is a complete protein that contains skyrocketing levels of betaine, which has been linked to fat production inhibition and sped up metabolisms.

10. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar – With a mostly acetic acid composition, ACV slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream and produces proteins within the body that work to burn fat. It also delays gastric emptying.10 Foods That Burn Calories-10 Foods That Burn Calories

17 Cancer Causing Foods You Have to Stop Eating

Hydrogenated Oils

You are likely aware that eating junk food is a major risk factor for cancer. But did you know that some so-called health foods are actually carcinogens in disguise?

Or that certain ingredients found in virtually all packaged foods present a serious health risk?

By being an informed consumer, we can help influence for good the types of products that end up on our grocery shelves, and enjoy better health to boot.17 Cancer-Causing Foods You Have to Stop Eating

Read on to discover 17 very common foods known to increase cancer risk, along with some healthier alternatives.

1. Soda

Soda-17 Cancer Causing Foods You Have to Stop Eating

Not only is soda jampacked with sugar – cancer’s fuel of choice. This artificial coloring has the carcinogenic chemical 4-MEI as a byproduct. Laboratory tests show that 4-MEI shows up in sodas with caramel color.

2. Grilled Red Meat

 Grilled Red Meat

While a nice char on that steak may taste good, the high temperatures used for its cooking produce cancer-causing hydrocarbons. And excessive consumption of red meat, in general, is thought to up your cancer risk.

3. Microwave Popcorn

 Microwave Popcorn-17 Cancer Causing Foods You Have to Stop Eating

There’s a triple whammy here – the butter flavoring used in many microwave popcorn brands releases diacetyl, a known toxin when cooked. Next, the perfluorooctanoic acid that lines the bags themselves is carcinogenic. And finally, popcorn producers are not required to report whether or not their kernels are GMO.

4. Canned Food, Especially Tomatoes

 Canned Food, Especially TomatoesCanned tomatoes are especially problematic because their acidity causes the BPA to leach into the food. Tomatoes, in general, are very healthy; it’s the packaging that’s the problem here.

5. Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated Oils-17 Cancer Causing Foods You Have to Stop Eating

Vegetable oils are not extracted from their source naturally but instead must undergo a chemical process. Later, even more, chemicals are added to achieve the desired look and consistency of the product, resulting in an extremely high level of unhealthy omega-6 fats.

6. Farmed Salmon

Farmed Salmon

7 Movies With Female Leads We Can’t Wait To See In 2020

Birds of Prey

We’ve seen more ladies hit the silver screens in the past decade than in the whole history of cinema. The year 2020 has more than a few thrilling female-centric and women-made films up its sleeve.7 Movies With Female Leads We Can’t-Wait To See In 2020


,7 Movies With Female Leads We Can’t Wait To See In 2020

Mulan is a timeless Disney classic that got returned as a live-action movie. While many fans have their fears that it will turn into another flop that couldn’t compete with the original, the trailer and the cast seem very promising. The movie will be more true to life, telling a story of a female warrior who disguised herself to take her father’s place in the army.

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn is back and she’s fiercer than ever! Let’s admit it, there are not enough cool female villains on screen – it’s a niche that will be filled pretty soon! Harley Quinn split with Joker, but instead of getting lost in his shade she decides to have some real (and quite evil) fun to overcome the breakup. We will see her team up with equally badass female fighters for a fairly noble cause!


Bombshell,7 Movies With Female Leads We Can’t Wait To See In 2020

Bombshell tells a true story about several women working in the Fox News whose main goal is to expose Roger Ailes, the founder, and executive of the channel, for sexual harassment. Starring Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, the movie touches upon the issues of toxic male culture.

Black Widow

Black Widow

We never dreamed of this day to come, yet here it is…we get to watch a whole standalone movie dedicated to Black Widow and her story! She’s one of the most kickass characters in the Avengers Universe. Spoiler – we will see her sister!7 Movies With Female Leads We Can’t-Wait To See In 2020


Eternals,7 Movies With Female Leads We Can’t Wait To See In 2020

Marvel Universe is about to introduce us to a completely new set of superheroes with their own history and plotlines. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, we will meet a race of Eternals – an immortal race that is all about protecting Earth from their nemesis called Deviants. And the best part? Cast includes Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek!



We have to give it to the thriller genre – something wicked is coming to our screens in 2020! As the researchers of the underwater laboratory dig deeper than they should have, an earthquake happens. They need to find shelter, cross the bottom of the ocean, and get out alive. Starring Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel, this movie is a promising one!

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984,7 Movies With Female Leads We Can’t Wait To See In 2020

Oh, the teaser trailer for the Wonder Woman 1984 is just too good! The plot takes us to the 80s, so be ready for a whole new style of gorgeous Diana and, wait for it, Steve as well. Yes, the twists now it will be her turn to teach him about the surrounding world that is so much different from the one he left behind. Still, there is evil that needs fighting! This is definitely one of the most anticipated films of 2020.


Top 10 Celebrities Instagram Beautiful-Celebrities Instagram Beautiful

Emily Ratajkowski-Top 10 Celebrities Instagram Beautiful

People have been idolizing those who’ve reached success since the dawn of time. We put those who are stronger, smarter, faster than us on the pedestal and treat them as superhumans. We look up to them and hope that one day we might be more like them. However, lately, there’s a trend of idolizing people for their beauty. Top 10 Celebrities Instagram Beautiful -Celebrities Instagram Beautiful

1. Alexis Ren
Alexis Ren, full name Alexis René Gladbach, is a famous Instagram model and social media influencer. She’s only 21 but she’s got more than almost 12 million followers on Instagram and she got to be the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie for 2018. Literally millions of people dream of looking the way she does, but you have to remember that it probably takes a lot of work to be in such great shape.

Alexis Ren-Celebrities Instagram Beautiful

2. Emma Watson
Emma Watson is not only known for being one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she’s also kind, and smart, and always trying to do whatever she can to make this world a better place. Everyone knows her best as Hermione from Harry Potter, and while she’s no longer playing that character, her actions prove that even in real life, she’s a bit like Hermione.

 Emma Watson

3. Emily Ratajkowski
Emily is an American model and actress who rose to fame thanks to her appearance in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ video. While that video and song have raised a lot of controversy when it comes to the portrayal of women, considering the lyrics and the scantily clad women dancing around. She’s got 16,5 million followers on Instagram to date.

Emily Ratajkowski,Celebrities Instagram Beautiful

4. Jennifer Lopez
Her sultry looks and curvy physique are the stuff of dreams. But she’s not just a pretty face, she’s an actress, a singer, a dancer, an author, a fashion designer. So you know, next time you think “I want a booty like J.Lo”, remember that there’s also a lot of talent to look up to. Top 10 Celebrities Instagram Beautiful -Celebrities Instagram Beautiful

Jennifer Lopez

5. Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner is the youngest daughter in the Kardashian clan, and she’s also probably the only one to rival Kim in terms of popularity. While the rest of the Kardashian family sure has a lot of followers on social media, only Kylie and Kim have over 100 million. In fact, Kylie is only 4 million behind. She’s only 20 and already a mother, so soon we expect people to not only praise her for looks, figure.

Kylie Jenner-Top 10 Celebrities Instagram Beautiful


6. Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke has been in many movies, but most people know her best for her role as Daenerys Targaryen (can you spell that correctly on the first try?) or Khaleesi on Game of Thrones. Top 10 Celebrities Instagram Beautiful -Celebrities Instagram Beautiful

 Emilia Clarke

7. Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham is an American plus-size model and she’s living proof that you don’t have to be super thin to be considered beautiful. She believes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and we gotta say, looking at her we believe it. Top 10 Celebrities Instagram Beautiful -Celebrities Instagram Beautiful

Ashley Graham-Top 10 Celebrities Instagram Beautiful

8. Rihanna
Rihanna is an exception to every rule. While thin celebs try their best to keep a strict diet and a rigorous workout routine, and the not so thin ones talk about body positivity – Rihanna just doesn’t care. She’s been thin, she’s been curvy, she fluctuates, and she looks fabulous either way. We need more role models like Rihanna.


9. Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid is known for her slim figure and hourglass shape. She’s one of the most successful American models. Lots of girls are jealous of her figure because it’s not that easy to have both curves. It makes sense, people, looking good is literally her job

Bella-Hadid-Top 10 Celebrities Instagram Beautiful

10. Kim Kardashian
Many might argue that Kim is famous for no reason at all. There’s a lot of talk and speculation whether her curves are natural or if she’s had some procedures done, but either way, you’ve got to admit that her proportions are impressive. In fact, she kind of makes us wonder if it was her who single-handedly started the big booty trend.

Kim Kardashian

What You Should Know Before Starting A Keto Diet-A Keto Diet


There are many diets out there that all promise similar results. And whether you believe that you should just eat less and move more, that it’s calories in versus calories out, it’s still important to decide what are the foods that you’re going to be eating. We’re all different, and while some people thrive on high-carb low-fat diets, others struggle. Some people love salads, others would prefer a meaty dinner. If you’ve tried other diets before and found that they don’t suit you – keep might just be the one you need because it’s unlike any other diet out there. It’s high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbs. Keep reading to find out more. What You Should Know Before Starting A Keto Diet-A Keto Diet

What Is Keto Diet

A keto diet is a low carb diet. The idea is to limit your carb consumption to under 50 grams a day and instead get most of your calories from fat and protein. The way this works is that in a few days, your body will run out of easy fuel like sugars in your blood that come from carbs and instead will dip into the reserves of fat and muscle that you have and use that for energy. That process is called ketosis and that’s where the name “keto” comes from.

What Is Keto Diet

Keto Diet For Beginners

Beginners might think that keto sounds very similar to the Atkins diet. But that’s not exactly the case. While Atkins is low carb but high protein diet, Keto is a high fat, moderate protein, and low card diet. It’s also important to consult a doctor before you start a keto diet because it can be quite hard on the body, especially on your kidneys. Should Know Before Starting A Keto Diet-A Keto Diet


How To Start Keto Diet

To start the keto diet it’s important to first learn about what foods have the most amount of fat and the least amount of carbs. And you also have to shift your perspective on diets. This one is very different from other diets. While most diets recommend a lot of fruits and veggies – you will hardly be able to have any this diet, due to high carb and sugar content in those foods. You should also be ready to cook a lot because while there are lots of processes foods that are rich in fat, you don’t want to be eating processed foods all the time.


What To Eat On Keto Diet

When starting a keto diet you will have to say goodbye to sodas, sweets, cookies, chocolates, pizzas, fries and other high carb foods. However, you won’t be able to just have lots of chicken breast either cause that’s a high protein food. Most of your meals will consist of a small piece of protein with a generous helping of fat and some non-starchy low-calorie vegetables.

How To Start Keto Diet-What You Should Know Before Starting A Keto Diet-A Keto Diet

Keto Diet Foods

The idea is to eat enough fats and moderate proteins so fatty fish, steak, ham, eggs, and cheese are good things to base your meals around. To add more fats into your diet you can also incorporate healthy oils like avocado and olive oil, butter, heavy cream, just fresh avocados, and various nut butters. You do need some carbs, but they should mostly come from low carb veggies like spinach, arugula, celery, asparagus, and tomatoes.

What To Eat On Keto Diet-What You Should Know Before Starting A Keto Diet-A Keto Diet

Keto Diet Snacks

Generally, a keto diet is quite filling so you won’t feel the need to snack as often. Most people just stick to three main meals and feel just fine. However, keto snacks are pretty easy. You can snack on nuts, those are full of fat when you want something fresh – celery or cucumber with cream cheese is your best friend. And you can also find many recipes of keto snack like peanut butter balls and other fat bombs on Pinterest.

What To Eat On Keto Diet -

Keto Diet Plan

Keto is generally considered to be a short term diet so it’s important to have a plan. Most people use it as a jump start to their lifestyle change. So decide how long you’re going to stay on the keto diet and what you’re going to do afterward. For those who struggle to come up with a keto diet plan – there are many 7-day keto diet plans for beginners available online.

Your day of meals may look Should Know Before Starting A Keto Diet-A Keto Diet something like this:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomatoes and bulletproof coffee

Lunch: avocado, bacon and goat cheese salad

Dinner: keto pizza

Keto Diet Foods

Keto Diet Side Effects

Apart from rapid weight loss, keto does have some side-effects. Since you’ll be decreasing the amount of veggies you eat you might experience some constipation at first. Bad breath might also be an issue. Most people will go through what is known as keto flu – you will feel weak, a bit nauseous and tired, and you might have a headache. This happens because your body is switching gears and starting to use fat for energy.

Keto Diet Snacks

10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant-celebrities pregnant

10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant-celebrities pregnant

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful things in the world, but let’s admit it, it doesn’t always look polished and stylish.10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant-celebrities pregnant Luckily, we’re living in the age of comfy athleisurewear style that has saved many future moms from wearing the same sweatpants and a hoodie for nine months. Celebs, being the great trendsetters that they are, always serve as an inspiration for women who look up to them. And oh boy, do pregnant celebrities deliver these days! Long gone are the days of unrealistic baby-bump-revealing dresses paired with stiletto heels (although, those still happen sometimes, but only on the Red Carpet). Now we’re living in the era when future moms can dress both comfortably and beautifully, no matter what look they want to pull off – casual, evening, sporty, or totally carefree. Here are 10 celebs who looked flawless while pregnant-celebrities pregnant

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is the very definition of a glowing mother-to-be. She cradles her baby bump on the Modern Love Red Carpet and looks like the happiest, most feminine woman in the world. Her dress is spot on – it’s elegant, a little bit revealing, and emphasizes her baby bump in a beautiful way.

Anne Hathaway 10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant-celebrities pregnant

Blake Lively

Blake Lively somehow managed to look both posh and effortless in her body-fitting dress and high heels. Seriously, you need to be a celeb to pull a look like that during pregnancy! She looks gorgeous, though, and beyond happy to be pregnant. That sunny dress is proof of that!

Miranda Kerr

Wouldn’t we all like to wear a dress like that during pregnancy? Well, without the pregnancy as well, but being able to show off your baby bump in a lovely gown like that is something only celebs can do. Miranda Kerr is beaming with happiness on the Red Carpet at the Gruner&Jahr Spa Awards in Germany.

Angelia Jolie

Angelina Jolie admitted that pregnancy made her feel like a woman as if all the parts of her body suddenly started to make sense. Well, she definitely looked great while pregnant and I can only applaud her choice of dress. It’s feminine, romantic, and emphasizes her beauty and pregnancy in a truly beautiful way.

Ashley Graham

And here’s Ashley Graham on a casual night out in New York, wearing a classy cherry-red latex dress by Vex Clothing and a pair of super high heels. Ashley has been known for revealing her baby bump in the most stylish and bold fashion, experimenting with bodycon dresses and high fashion looks.

Ashley Graham 10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant-celebrities pregnant

Meghan Markel

The Duchess of Sussex has truly nailed the maternity fashion and has graced us with many polished outfits that looked nothing short of Royal. Here she wears a simple H&M maternity dress (that still looked super good on her) paired with a gorgeous Armani coat. The gentle beige palette suits her really well!

Meghan Markel 10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant-celebrities pregnant

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is the very embodiment of effortless pregnancy. You’d think it’s tough to experience all these body changes when you’re a supermodel, but Heidi pulls off her pregnancy like a real beauty queen – with confidence, style, and elegance. In 2009, Heidi Klum rocked a truly breathtaking Marchesa gown, flaunting her baby bump and looking like the happiest woman in the world.10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant-celebrities pregnant

Heidi Klum 10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant-celebrities pregnant

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen has such a beautiful presence! For her 2018 Grammys look, she chose a sparkly, sequined Yanina Couture dress, but I believe it was her pregnancy that made her ooze beauty and confidence. The model’s face was glowing much brighter than her dress!

Chrissy Teigen 10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant-celebrities pregnant

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s pregnancy style is effortless, to say the least. Well, it sure does look that way! It’s not screaming ‘I’m pregnant’, but it’s not hiding her beautiful condition either. It’s very classy and is always accompanied by her signature red lipstick. And don’t forget those mind-blowing heels! 10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant-celebrities pregnant

Gwen Stefani 10 Celebs Who Looked Flawless While Pregnant-celebrities pregnant

top 10 red carpet dresses ever 2020 (so far)-top 10 red carpet dresses


Top 10 red carpet dresses ever 2020 (so far), We’re not that far into 2020 yet, but there have still been some memorable red carpet fashion moments where celebrities have showed out in their best. Here are the most well-crafted fashion moments of the 2020 award circuit so far.

1. Jennifer Aniston Golden Globes top 10 red carpet dresses

Jennifer Aniston Golden Globes top 10 red carpet dresses ever 2020  (so far)-top 10 red carpet dresses

Aniston proved that she still has the secret fountain of youth in her 50s with this Dior look. At this show, she would be a presenter, nominee, and face a very public reunion with ex-husband Brad Pitt. The dress was voluminous and belted black Dior Haute Couture look with a flared out bustier and a sparkling diamond 10 red carpet dresses ever 2020 (so far)

2. Millie Bobby Brown SAG Awards top 10 red carpet dresses

 Millie Bobby Brown SAG Awards top 10 red carpet dresses ever 2020  (so far)-top 10 red carpet dresses

Social media was an unwarranted hater on the “Stranger Things” star’s chosen look, calling it “too mature”, which is ironic because making fun of a teenager from behind your computer screen is pretty immature. We’ll just boil it down to jealousy. In this boss babe look, Millie rocked an all-white Louis Vuitton look that was made specifically for her. The trouser and coat-dress combo shout female CEO and we think she absolutely stunned.

3. Joey King Golden Globes top 10 red carpet dresses

Joey King Golden Globes top 10 red carpet dresses ever 2020  (so far)-top 10 red carpet dresses

Joey King usually keeps things sweet and simple at award shows, but for the 2020 Golden Globes, the 20-year-old star of “The Act” was an absolute show-stopper who stole the spotlight from all the adults. This optical illusion dress was styled by Jared Eng, who put her in a 3D printed Iris van Herpen couture dress. The piece was black and white, featuring an innovative cape ad train combination. This dress definitely has Joey on our radar.

4. Reese Witherspoon SAG Awards

Reese Witherspoon SAG Awards top 10 red carpet dresses ever 2020  (so far)-top 10 red carpet dresses

Sometimes, Reese’s fashion choices ended up being a snoozefest, but luckily this wholesome star decided to take things to an edgier level with an on-trend, embellished Celine gown with a dripping-in-diamonds wet look. Although the column silhouette wasn’t new for the “Big Little Lies” actress, the beading combined with an asymmetrical shoulder kept things fresh, We especially love the knot and cutout detail at the top.

5. Priyanka Chopra Golden Globes

Priyanka Chopra Golden Globes top 10 red carpet dresses ever 2020  (so far)-top 10 red carpet dresses

No one pulls off pink quite like Priyanka, and lucky for the Bollywood actress, hot pink has been on-trend for all the 2020 red carpets thus far. The hue certainly makes the actress looks much younger, which helps when your husband is boy band eye candy standing right next to you. Well placed ruching, a regal train, the highlights of this glamorous but simple look covered with Bvlgari diamonds.

6. Zendaya Critics Choice Award

Zendaya Critics Choice Award

Zendaya custom made, metallic robot babe top piece pretty much blew up the internet the day after the Critic’ choice award show. She saw the Tom Ford tech fashion creation on the runway and after realizing that it could be molded to her exact body shape, she knew this was the perfect alternative to a cleavage statement.

7. Jennifer Lopez SAG awards

Jennifer Lopez SAG awards top 10 red carpet dresses ever 2020  (so far)-top 10 red carpet dresses

The headlines might have been about how J.Lo rocked 9 million worth of Harry Winston diamonds to the SAG award this year, her dress is what stole our hearts. It might have been simple, but the look was anything but basic. The shoulder-bearing Georges Hobeika design was floor-length, with an oversized bow and a cascading satin train. It gave us Audrey Hepburn vibes, but Jen totally made it her 10 red carpet dresses

8. Billy Porter Critics Choice award

Billy Porter Critics Choice award top 10 red carpet dresses

BillyPorter is such a beacon of confidence and grace with his gender-fluid looks that he completes. The “Pose” nominee rocked a seafood jumpsuit gown that was both versatile and completely dramatic, created by Hogan McLaughlin. The one-of-a-kind pantsuit looks like a gown on the top with a strapless bodice and a straight neckline. Complete with hand-painted butterfly tattoos, top 10 red carpet dresses ever 2020 (so far)

9. Winnie Harlow Golden Globes

Winnie Harlow Golden Globes

Unique beauty Winnie Harlow showed up to the Golden Globes giving us old Hollywood glamour with killer heels. She wore her hair down in loose waves while her backless dress was a slinky. The maxi gown was covered in a beaded heron fringe with a super risqué thigh-high slit. The design, created by none other than the talented Laquan Smith, top 10 red carpet dresses

10. Zoe Kravitz Golden Globes

Zoe Kravitz Golden Globes

Micro polka dots mixed with macro polka dots is a complete edgy-meets-girly mood, and Kravitz pulled it off gorgeously with her cropped pixie cut. The chic look was done by Saint Laurent, featuring a long column silhouette that covered shoes, and a ruffled off the shoulder top. The top is black with white mini polka dots, while the skirt is white with oversized black dots. The two pieces are pulled together seamlessly with a black belt.

Make-Up Artist -make-up or makeup- Cartoon Characters (20 Pictures)


Annie Thomas (@creative.cliche) is a 28-y.o. Instagram starlet from Pennsylvania, whose creative and artistic skills are simply next-level. She can transform her face into pretty much any cartoon character of her choosing, and even go beyond that with her own exclusively designed demons, zombies. Make-Up Artist -make-up or makeup- Cartoon Characters

Annie has turned herself into countless characters from The Simpsons, Futurama, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, Family Guy, and many many more. All this progress and heaps of perfectly executed ideas after barely a year? Feels too good to be real!

Here are some of her best works for your viewing pleasure!

1 An even more evil puppet from the Goosebumps.An even more evil puppet from the Goosebumps.

2 Evil Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Make-Up Artist -make-up 3. Bride of Frankenstein all stitched together.

Make-Up Artist -make-up or makeup- Cartoon Characters

4. The meanest girl on TV – Angelica from Rugrats.Make-Up

4. The meanest girl on TV – Angelica from Rugrats.Make-Up

5. And here’s Angelica’s favorite doll Cynthia.

 And here’s Angelica’s favorite doll Cynthia

6. Krusty the Clown straight out of The Simpsons

Make-Up Artist -make-up or makeup- Cartoon Characters

7. Queen of the Dead – Hela from Thor: Ragnarok.

Make-Up Artist -make-up or makeup- Cartoon Characters ,Queen of the Dead – Hela from Thor: Ragnarok.



Spring has sprung, but it isn’t all twittering birds and sunshine yet – and not quite time to tuck away the winter coat. And it’s not just the British who are staying stubbornly crisp, with much of Europe still chilling below the 20°C. Time to retreat to a land far, far away, then, where sapphire seas, lush landscapes, and blissed-out beaches are heating up. Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, you could opt for a heavy hitter in the Caribbean or an off-the-radar archipelago in the Andaman Sea. There are sunny cities, too, and a few far-flung festivities to put a proper spring in your step.TOP 10 DESTINATIONS TRIPS IN TRAVELS TRAVELING EUROPE


Fifth largest island in the Canary Islands, just ahead of La Gomera and El Hierro, La Palma is located in the far northwest of the archipelagoTOP 10 DESTINATIONS TRIPS IN TRAVELS TRAVELING

This is the Canaries’ greenest and most unspoiled spot, with pristine night skies ideal for star-gazing, and pine-scented air that clears the mind as much as the lungs. It’s also a walkers’ island, where signposts for footpaths outnumber those for cars. Rockpools and waterfalls refresh flagging travelers, and the boutique-hotel scene is surprisingly sharp.  in the capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma, Hotel San Telmo, a restored 17th-century building, sets delightful sun-filled rooms around a garden and rooftop terrace.




It’s shoulder season in one of Europe’s most reliable winter-holiday spots as it’s calm before Easter and has a good eight hours of sunshine a day. Temperatures can be mild enough for beach trips, but get out of Paphos and there’s plenty more to quicken the pulse. There are sensational dive spots in and around Larnaca, particularly the MS Zenobia, a ferry that sank on her 1980 maiden voyage, often ranked in the world’s top 10 wreck dives. Travelers can also disappear into the Troodos Mountains in search of its incredible frescoed Byzantine churches, best reached from capital Nicosia, then head to the Limassol foothills for vineyards and micro-wineries, grape terraces spreading prettily across the slopes.

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For a taste of sunny southern California without the crowds, San Diego can’t be beaten. It’s an eternal beach-bum city with a temperament permanently set to ‘chill’. Join the surfer dudes and VW vans at Ocean Beach, or cycle past perennial volleyball games along the Pacific Beach boardwalk, stopping now and then to sip a homespun brew (AleSmith, Green Flash, Ballast Point).top 10 destinations trips in travels traveling Europe. It’s laid-back, yes, but not lazy: there’s plenty of energy in the city’s exploding street art-scene (try North Park, where even utility boxes have been given a paint job). Or get experimental at restaurants such as Wrench and Rodent (‘unorthodox nigiri and sashimi’) and the Gaslamp Quarter’s craft cocktail bars (find Noble Experiment behind a wall of kegs).

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It’s peak season here, but with good reason. Longer, sunnier days are ideal for sailing, the best way to explore what are among the world’s clearest waters and whitest beaches. Living up to its name, Whitehaven, in the Great Barrier Reef and only accessible by boat, is covered in bone-white sand. The Whitsundays’ newest, most secluded retreat, Elysian, only has 10 rooms, so even at the busiest time of year, guests have their own piece of Eden. And by rooms, we really mean oceanfront villas, with Australian hardwood interiors and rainforest 10 destinations trips in travels traveling Europe. It’s almost impossible to leave, but do try, or you’ll miss out on twilight-yoga classes and swimming in the retreat’s private cove.




There’s no better time than spring to meander the Garden Route. We’ve described driving the Western Cape to the Eastern Cape as South Africa’s greatest-hits compilation and it’s true; wine country; inland lakes and amazing wildlife, from whales and dolphins to the Big Five. March is blissfully temperate and falls neatly outside the high seasons. Do it right, and do it slowly: the best bits aren’t in the driving, but exploring outside the car, whether that’s canoeing through Garden Route National Park, or hiking Robberg Nature Reserve’s wild and wonderful cliffs.



Located in Sarasota, Florida, Sandcastle Resort at Lido Beach has 2 swimming pools ... 1540 Ben Franklin Drive, Sarasota, FL 34236, United States - Excellent ... This colorful Lido Beach hotel offers rooms  TOP 10 DESTINATIONS TRIPS IN TRAVELS TRAVELING

Heading to Florida for winter sun isn’t the most unique suggestion, but Sarasota might be a new city for many; it’s not as high maintenance as Miami but has a pleasing sweep of aspirational gloss. There’s marvelous mid-century-modern architecture, such as Paul Rudolph’s 1953 cube house; waterside tiki bars, including Casey Key Fish House, which plies a mixed crowd of yachting multi-millionaires and hippie-surfer-yogis with frozen drinks; and more than 35 miles of powdery beaches lapped by the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Rest up at the recently renovated Ritz-Carlton.Top 10 destinations trips in travels traveling Europe




What is it about Havana that’s so enchanting? Is it really just cigars and classic cars? Or is it the sensually rag-tag mix of weathered Spanish mansions, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, punchy food. Tick off old-school experiences, such as sipping Daiquiris in Hemingway’s hangouts, salsa dancing and relaxing in the cigar room at Brando’s favorite, the Grand Packard; then hit up the newer spots: Salchipizza, a bakery from Michelin-starred chef Alberto González; pulled-pork crepes at Belview Art Café.

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 cock-comb-island-mergui-8. MERGUI ARCHIPELAGO

There are around 800 islands in Myanmar’s Andaman Sea archipelago, and no places to stay. And that’s exactly what makes it special: it’s accessible, close to the border of Thailand, and yet completely remote. settlements are few. Instead, there are just empty beaches, clumps of thick, primeval jungle and untouched coral reefs. The yachties’ version of Shangri-La, one can only visit by boat. With steady winds, clear waters and balmy temperatures, March is a great time for diving, particularly at the ominously named Shark Cave. Others can stick to trekking, getting up close to civets and crab-eating macaques.

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One island, two nations. That’s the appeal of St Martin or St Maarten. The Dutch side is the party-hearty bit: casinos, the cruise-ship dock, duty-free malls. Amble to the French side, though, and things get more 10 destinations trips in travels traveling Europe. There’s the pretty town of Marigot. Most of the island’s buildings were flattened by 2017’s Hurricane Irma, but it’s been quick to rebuild. Capital Philipsburg is fully restored, and most of the big-ticket retreats have been revamped and reopened. (Belmond La Samanna’s new retro-chic look is a triumph.)

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The Pink City is a must-visit anyway, but come March it’s also the yellow city, the red city, the blue city and every-other-colored city, due to the Holi festivities. Though you’ll certainly get covered in rainbow powder paint, breathe a sigh of relief that it’s not quite as wild here as in 10 destinations trips in travels traveling Europe. In Jaipur, the vibe is more local gathering than en masse mania. Suján Rajmahal Palace just might be the last word in opulence, an actual palace that’s hosted. It was recently refurbished with lavish, custom-designed wallpaper and fabrics.


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