You’ve determined you wish to travel additional this year (good on you), however, you’re troubled to settle on your next destination. certainly, there’s a neater approach than trawling through endless travel magazines and guidebooks for the answers, right? That’s wherever our final month-by-month travel guide comes.

Onto August currently, and in Europe, things are extremely hotting up! Their ar ample active adventures to be had the globe over ANd embarking on a fun-filled hunting expedition remains significantly a possibility. whether or not you’ve continuously needed to admire the Victoria Falls in Northern Rhodesia, sip a pint or 2 of stout in eire or create the journey on the awful Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea. Here’s your guide for wherever to travel in August.



Compared to its wide visited neighbors, Slovenia could be a fairly new child on the ECU travel block. however, wanderers square measure slowly getting down to notice the pull of this little nonetheless charming nation. From the turquoise waters of Lake Bled to the country’s rising wine scene, there’s masses to be enjoyed. to not mention it’s a correct active traveler’s paradise with exciting outside escapades to suit everyone.
At the peak of summer, temperatures will soar, creating the beguiling Slovene geographic region the right spot for restful within the sun far from the hordes of tourists peppering Italy and Croatia’s beaches. you’ll continually hide from the warmth by heading to the alpine northwest for a leisurely walk or hike. or else, why not climb aboard a raft on the Soča watercourse for a white-water thrill ride? a brilliant fun thanks to cool off!


You might suppose, given the warmth, that the suggestion of traveling to Turkey in August could be a slightly stupid one. But, it’s a superb time to require within the sights of geographical region and city, while the tourists favor to flock to the country’s several coastal resorts instead. If you probably did fancy many days R&R by the ocean, Kas could be an excellent place to explore. Its crystal-clear waters wreak dreamy snorkel diving and you’ll even kayak over its ancient sunken city!
People can tell you there’s nothing quite just like the alien landscapes of geographical region and they’d be right. pay some time ambling through underground cities and loving its fairy chimneys from higher than on a sunrise balloon ride. Before swapping calm for chaos, on a groundwork of the country’s capital, Istanbul. prepare to lose yourself within the Spice Bazaar, visit the Aya national capital and take a look at an embarrassment of tasty Turkish treats.


Lots of travelers come back to Xizang for a style of its intense spirituality. To explore cliffside Buddhist temples, witness vocalizing monks and fancy the tranquillity of its several impressive monasteries. It conjointly boasts giddy Mt. Everest views, the chance for varied high-altitude treks and also the world’s highest railway on the route to Lhasa.
August could be a time of celebrations in Xizang, just like the Nagchu racing pageant command within the country’s northern piece of land. It’s here you’ll see historically dressed locals pitching their tents by the track, bartering, singing, and diversion. Another is that the Shoton pageant (or bitter milk banquet), that commemorates the tip of the monk’s meditation season. individuals gather to eat the specially cultivated dairy product, watch the native opera performances and have interaction in alternative spiritual activities.


This East African gem has such a lot to supply. whether or not you’re intrigued by fascinating native cultures, pristine white sand beaches, extraordinary natural landscapes or unimaginable life, you’ll realize it all (and such a lot more) in the United Republic of Tanzania. prepare to go off on an expedition around the Ngorongoro Crater in search of rare black rhinos, or buy endemic wares at Mwigobero Market on the sting of Lake Victoria.
August brings regarding the most effective time for climb Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain and also the tallest free-standing volcano within the world. There are many totally different routes to the summit and these vary significantly in terms of ease and value. Here at fearless, we provide hikers the Marangu Route (the sole path with hut accommodation), Machame Route (the most popular) and Rongai Route (the easiest). which is able to you choose?


When several people consider Argentina our minds drift to thoughts of the droning capital, Buenos Aires. Housing the astonishing Recoleta graveyard, the bright colored district of Los Angeles Boca, the space-age Puente American state la Mujer overcrossing associated an abundance of top-notch eateries. Not forgetting it’s the house of tango too, and BA celebrates this esthetic dance vogue with a pageant all of its own over a fortnight in August.
There’s additional to the present South yank favorite than its cities tho’. What regarding Mendoza’s vineyards, Patagonia’s glaciers and therefore the exceptional falls Falls? Despite being a drier month, these waterfalls square measures still spectacular. Lower water levels lead rock faces to peek through the flow, creating them seem even additional spectacular. make certain to pay 2 days at this world surprise, as well as one on the contrastive Brazilian aspect.


From Chinese to Indonesian, Thai to Indian, Malaysia could be a real melting pot of various cultural influences. And its multi-ethnic makeup is a component of what makes it such a desirable place to go to. as an example, you’ll be absorbing Hindu history at the Sri Mahamariamman Temple, before marveling at the fashionable design of the national house of God than eating on dumplings in China city.
Throughout August the weather in Malaysia is mixed, with tropical downpours not uncommon. however, the East Coast is presented with long sunny days that provide perfect diving and skin diving conditions. Hari Merdeka, Malaysian legal holiday, is well known on the thirty-first and offers you the possibility to party with the locals. cities and cities square measure embellished with flags and a giant parade is command before of the king in the national capital.


Ah, the Emerald Isle, an area of astounding natural beauty, cold pints of stout, intriguing history, charming locals and toe-tapping ancient music. far-famed for its unreliable weather, the height of Irish summer is that the ideal time to go to this often wet and windy destination. prepare to pass the hours on walks on miles of deserted sandy lineation and fill your lungs therewith recent country air.
If you’re a touch of a Star Wars buff, then a visit to Kerry is crucial. Its craggy cliffs, secluded bays, and also the spooky Skellig Islands kind the scenery of the world-famous franchise’s most up-to-date episodes. make sure to create the trip around Slea Head too for superb views back over the earth, keeping an eye fixed out for the traditional beehive huts. A drive over the Connor Pass additionally provides epic vistas that area unit able to rival those found in New Sjaelland.


Crocodiles, elephants, and leopards – OH my! Animal lovers can love exploring Zambia’s national parks, as well as the South Luangwa Reserve wherever the watercourse is overcrowded by whopping hippos. August marks the center of the time of year here, transferral with it heat days, clear skies and cooler nights. creating it an excellent time for viewing game before the daytime temperatures become too hot in-tuned.
Aside from the impressive life in the Republic of Zambia, you’ll conjointly realize the unimaginable Victoria Falls. known as Mother Nature’s ‘Smoke that Thunders’ by some, as a result of its aerosol be seen from quite thirty miles away. while the falls ofttimes steal the show, there’s, even more, to be enjoyed during this a part of Africa, from browsing markets for social group keepsakes to meeting isolated communities spreading centuries value of ancient knowledge.


Getting back to nature ace the itinerary once it involves defrayment summer in Noreg, and its changing landscape may be a serious sight to see. Remote islands, deep fjords, rugged lineation, soaring mountains, glittering glaciers, the aurora borealis – the list very will persist. Plus, you’ll have the prospect to do out all manner of alfresco activities, from out-of-this-world hiking to alarming rafting.
Admittedly visiting Noreg in August will err a bit on the expensive aspect, however, it’s positively well worth the investment because it happens to be the most effective time to go to the Western Fjords. These sea-flooded valleys area unit blue-hued and fringed by steep cliffs, creating them one among the foremost picturesque destinations on the earth. you’ll conjointly dabble in an exceedingly spot of untamed walking if you fancy, or absorb the scenery on a hike on one among the various marked trails.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s season runs from June to September, once the country experiences pretty heat days and comparatively low rain. It’s an incredible time to go to if you’re inquisitive about hiking the Kokoda Track. The path is drenched history because it was once the location of a gory War II battle between Japan and also the Allies. Be warned tho’, selecting to just accept the Kokoda challenge isn’t a call to be taken gently.
Spanning a colossal ninety-six kilometers, the Kokoda Track could be a single-file walking route buried deep within the sticky jungle. You’ll follow within the footsteps of the troopers UN agency fought over Port Moresby, learning superb tales of bravery as you go. You’ll encounter stirring side memorials and meet the friendly-faced locals living in far-flung villages that appear on the method. Prepare to push your own physical and mental boundaries to the limit!



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