Imagine waking up, opening the curtains and seeing the bluest waters in the world waiting on your doorstep. Only it’s not a dream! We’ve found the clearest blue waters the Earth

1 Baa Atoll, the Maldives

Baa coral reef is, in contrast, to anyplace within the world for one straightforward reason: it’s wherever you’ll be able to swim with many manta rays and whale sharks. Visit from June-November to expertise these mild giants within the clearest blue waters thinkable. The visibility is much bottomless.

2 The Anambas Islands, Indonesia

The barely-known Anambas Islands area unit one among the last untouched paradises on earth. set deep within the South China ocean, on the intense northern border of Republic of Indonesia, these miraculous idylls area unit dotted with azure lagoons, glorious reefs and pristine sandy beaches that have not seen a person’s footprint.

3 Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

You’ve seen the images, however, nothing prepares you for Shipwreck Beach. A near-perfect bay of azure waters protected by vertical cliffs and a smuggler’s ship plonked right the beach as if by Zeus himself.
Zakynthos’ world-famous beach is everything and additional. As you approach it by boat (because there’s no alternative way) you’ll understand you’re sailing in a number of the clearest blue waters on the earth.

4 Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

Beaches area unit a pair of a penny in Jamaica, however, Negril’s Seven Miles Beach maybe a seventh heaven for travelers in search of the brightest blue waters. merely rock up, soak within the vibes, and opt for the ‘mile’ that suits you best. Then float away on crystal-clear blissfulness.

5 Cala Macarelleta, Menorca

Of all the bays in lovely Menorca, none will match the marvel of Cala Macarelleta. set on the southern coast, and accessible solely by walking path or boat, its diamond-clear shores attract snorkellers, swimmers and sun-worshippers in droves.

6 Pentel Bay, Isles of Scilly

Wild, pristine and crowd-free even in high summer, Tresco’s Pentel Bay regularly lays claim to Britain’s most beautiful beach. But the real revelation is an unnamed stretch of sand just beyond Pentle – we like to call it ‘Blockhouse Bay’ – which boasts the clearest blue waters this side of the Caribbean. Remember to pinch yourself.

7 North Island, Seychelles

Barely a mile long, this small personal island may be a jewel of the Seychelles. typically referred to as the ‘most exclusive honeymoon spot within the world’, North Island has four sensational beaches – every with dazzling white sands and sapphire-blue lagoons. Your solely neighbor is going to be a large turtle dozing beneath a palm leaf.

8 Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Hidden within the northwest mountains, Rio Celeste is one among those wonders of the globe that Mother Nature bestows on humanity to prompt North American nation who’s boss. These mesmeric waters area unit created by volcanic minerals within the river bottom, that flips the river’s surface a placing, nonnatural turquoise. Visit within the time of year (December-April).

9 Ponta da Piedade, Portugal

The dramatic cliff-topped western Algarve is home to a number of the foremost spectacular coastlines in Europe, however, its crowning glory is that the Ponta public prosecutor Piedade. A labyrinth of caves and hidden bays, you’ll realize empty shorelines with the clearest blue waters you’ve ever seen. And it’s all yours.

10 Folegandros, Greece

Quieter than Mykonos, cheaper than Santorini, little Folegandros is that the island Greeks talk about in quiet tones, less tourists discovery of its wonders. beautiful Agali Beach, within the south, has a number of the clearest blue waters within the Aegean. a lot of hidden beaches wait down the coast.

11 Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This astonishing geothermic pool within the heart of Iceland’s volcanic south dry land may be a one-of-a-kind expertise. Float within the heat, milky-blue waters whereas alimentary your hair and skin, because of its nutrient-rich minerals. Locals swear by its healing powers.

12 Havelock Island, the Andaman Islands

Havelock’s location within the far-flung Andaman Islands is actually a boom. Being therefore remote, its beautiful beaches and electrical blue waters can (hopefully) ne’er be discovered by mass commercial enterprise. except for different and snorkellers, this can be blue nirvana.



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