It Takes Two And Tunic Heading To Switch

Now, to play as a fox or a couple struggling through a rough patch?

It Takes Two And Tunic Heading To Switch

The award-winning multiplayer It Takes Two and Zelda-inspired indie adventure game Tunic will be heading to Switch soon, per today’s Nintendo Direct showcase.

Hazelight Studios announced during the Nintendo Direct event that It Takes Two will arrive on Switch this fall, November 4. There have been rumors that the critically acclaimed platformer would become available on the handheld console. The tunic is another game coming to the platform very soon. Originally released earlier this year by developer Finji, Tunic will be coming to Switch on September 27. Pre-orders for the beloved adventure game are now open until its official release. It was also revealed that Tunic will be released for both the PS4 and the PS5 on the same day.

For those not familiar with the game, Tunic was first released for Xbox and PC platforms back in March. The game is now poised to be a hit on the Switch after receiving very positive reviews during its initial release period. The tunic is a top-down RPG that has players exploring its world filled with puzzles and vicious monsters. Players will need to use maps and tips to navigate the storyline as a little fox in the ruined lands. The game also features puzzle solving. Developer Finji made the announcement via a short gameplay trailer, which includes boss fights, venues, and items that players will collect on their way.

Excitingly, It Takes Two will be coming to the platform on November 4. Switch players won’t have to wait long to embark on a new journey with their friends as May and Cody. The game tells the story of a couple that is about to divorce, working together to save their relationship. In case you missed it, developer Hazelight Studios has announced that they will work in collaboration with dj2 Entertainment to adapt their hit multiplayer game for TV. Additionally, It Takes Two has topped 10 million sales across available platforms. When it arrives on Switch in November, it’s sure to be a success.


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